Friday, February 28, 2014

20 Hilarious Pictures Of Wet Cats

Because cats are widely considered to be the cool and cute overlords of the internet, we thought it was about time to bring them down a notch by showing you just how silly cats look when they get wet. 

The two things almost everyone knows about cats from an early age is that they love mice and hate water. Many cats do indeed hate water, especially house cats. Cats in colder environments hate water because they can’t regulate their own temperature quite as effectively when their fur is wet. The wet fur weighs them down as well, and because they are used to bathing themselves with their tongues, many might not even see the sense in taking a bath. 

Although it doesn’t look like it in these pictures, cats are certainly capable of loving water. Most kittens that are put into contact with water from an early age won’t fear it nearly as much as cats that only get cold and wet when it rains. Turkish Vans and big cats in hot and arid environments are all fans of water, taking swims to keep cool. 

While outdoor cats may need a bath from time to time when they get dirty, most house cats won’t need baths often, if at all. As long as your cat grooms itself regularly, it will stay very clean. More over, if water gets into the ear of a cat that’s not used to it, it can lead to infections or other troubles. So as funny-looking as these photos might be, please don’t give your cat a bath unless they actually need one!

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