Sunday, March 2, 2014

Amazing Dog Adopts an Orphan Chimp... Animals, Too, Have Feelings and Emotions

This story will make you think about animals in a totally different way. Some people too often think they are “just animals” and not capable of the same feelings and emotions as us. This story goes to show that that is so far from the truth and, in fact, animals seem to care more than many humans. 

This baby chimp’s mother died at a zoo, so one of the caretakers took him home to help out. What she NEVER imagined was that her dog would take the chimp under his paw and adopt him. These pictures are awesome. 

The chimp instantly wanted to be near the dog 

Sleeping with her 



Eating with the other puppies 




Cuddling with his “brothers and sisters” 


The pictures say it all. A mother – whether human, dog, or chicken – has a love for her child, real and adopted, that is unmatched.