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Ozoboard Cross-over 906 Review

General Impressions:

The Ozoboard Cross-over 906 is a very interesting concept for stand up paddle boards. The roots of SUPs are based in surfing and stand up paddle boards have evolved into many different shapes and sizes for many different uses from flat water to aggressive surfing. The 906 in my opinion does one of the best jobs at molding all of these different activities together into one board that can be enjoyed by nearly everyone, from someone who is first getting on a board to someone who is looking to get out there and rip up the face of a wave. I think Ozoboard has made a great utility board that can be paddled on a cruise in the flats, in the surf, knee paddled, and even skurfed behind a boat.



The best paddle board for the money is relatively short when it comes to paddleboards. With this short of a board it does make the maneuverability of the board very responsive to the rider if you are out cruising in flat water. If compared to a surfboard of this size out in the waves, I would say that it does lack some of maneuverability of a long board surfboard, but it is almost to be expected as this board can do so much more than your average surfboard. It does have 3 fin boxes, so that anyone can add their own variation of fins for better maneuverability. The rails are fairly thin which does add some maneuverability in the surf.


The most impressive thing I find about the Ozoboard Cross-over 906 is the stability. Like I mentioned earlier, this board is pretty short when it comes to paddleboards and often times with such a short board you sacrifice some stability for more maneuverability, but the 906 has a domed deck that adds more volume to the board which greatly increases its stability. The top of the deck is also concaved which makes it very comfortable and stable when you are on your knees paddling with your paddle or with your hands. Its is fairly narrow as far as SUPs go, but it is also wider than a lot of long board surf boards out there, so I think again Ozoboard has struck a nice balance if you will.


I am classifying this as a soft board SUP because it does has a nice soft outer shell that is easy on the knees and also gives you a good grip on the board while your paddling. Usually I would suggest intermediate or advanced riders shy away from soft boards because there is usually a lack of quality when compared with harder construction materials, however, in this case I would suggest any rider of any skill level to jump on the Ozoboard 906. The soft skin not only makes it a softer landing in the surf, but it makes it less susceptible to scratches and dings that are inevitable when you’re out there in the waves.


This is exactly what it is labeled as – a cross-over. It is not the best surf SUP out there nor is it the best cruising SUP out there, but I do think it does give you the best of both of those worlds all in one board. There are so many uses for the 906, I would think it would be a must for anyone who is looking to get the most out of their SUP: from fitness to paddling to surfing. There is more than one size to the Ozoboard Cross-over, so if you are looking to get one make sure it is the correct size that you want (906, 80,706,606).

MK-370K 1-1/4-Horsepower 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

The MK-370K 1-1/4-Horsepower 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw is a professional-grade product, with powerful performance, and a lightweight portable design. Its motor produces an impressive 1 ¼ horsepower output and a high torque of 5500 rpm, and the machine can cut through marble as well as tile. Its conveyor cart allows the user to make very precise and clean, chip-free cuts. The capabilities of the saw include producing a 13-inch diagonal cut and an 18-inch rip cut, and the depth of its cut is 2 inches.

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Apart from this, its tilting head allows for highly precise 45-degree miter cuts. The kit includes a saw, a blade, an adjustable rip guide, a model no. 160131 stand and a submersible water pump. Its linear bearing assembly and chrome guide-bar allow the user proper alignment and tracking. The

MK-370K wet tile saw carries a warranty period of one year and with its durable steel frame, plated with zinc, it weighs a light 27 pounds. All in all, it is an effective gadget for professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts.

Technical Details

The 120-volt electric motor has a power output of 1-1/4-horsepower and produces a high 5,500 rpm torque

Its High-impact thermoplastic water reservoir does not peel and is rust-resistant

The steel frame is zinc-plated

It comes with a 7-inch wet-cutting diamond blade, rip guide, water pump and folding stand

It features a limited warranty of one year

MK-370K Review

With its light design and powerful motor, the MK-370K 1-1/4-Horsepower 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw is a very compact product. It also has very versatile capabilities, and can produce a precise and clean cut on tiles of different types and sizes. User convenience is a major factor for the manufacturers, as is evident from the product’s folding stand, which allows for enhanced flexibility and stability.

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The MK-370K wet tile saw also has a very safe and durable design, and the MKSafeswitch, which only allows the saw to work when its locking key is in position, is a very handy feature. The same holds true for the hinged blade guard, which protects the user from accidents. Its zinc-plated, single-piece steel frame offers rigidity as well as strength.

The small size of the MK-370K means that it can be used in tight and confined spaces. Even though it cannot match the output of a larger and more powerful saw, it is perfectly suited for smaller jobs, where you don’t need continuous and fast cutting. The somewhat loud sound it produces can be an irritant for some people, so watch out if you ears are too sensitive. Also, a drain would have been a very useful addition to the pan to empty out the water, but that can be easily installed at any good home improvement store.

Essentially, if you are the kind who loves to take on DIY tasks around your house, this portable product is a perfect companion. It is also a handy piece of equipment for professional tile cutters, when they are called on to do small residential jobs.

Britax 2013 B-Agile and B-Safe Travel System, Granite by Britax

Manufacturer Description

Designed to be an on the go travel system, the B AGILE stroller and B SAFE Infant Car Seat fit together seamlessly to create one of the lightest and easiest to use travel systems on the market. The integrated Britax Click and Go system provides a quick and secure connection so you can easily move your sleeping new born from the car to the stroller.

When the infant car seat stage is over you have the luxuries of a one hand fold and a lightweight stroller with a weight capacity of 55 pounds. The B AGILE stroller features a quick fold design and only weighs 16.5 pounds. The B SAFE Infant Car Seat is designed and engineered to the high safety standards for which BRITAX is known.

Featuring Side Impact Protection, and an energy absorbing foam liner, the BRITAX B SAFE Infant Car Seat provides industry leading front, rear and side impact protection. The padded, supportive seat on the B AGILE features a 5 point harness system with head pad that is adjustable without having to rethread or unhook any straps.

With a weight capacity of 55 pounds and an infinite recline, the B AGILE is suitable from birth. The extra large canopy with a mesh ventilation window allows you to see your child and, and your child to see you. The B SAFE Infant Car Seat has premium, push button LATCH connectors, a built in lock off and an ergonomically designed carry handle make the seat easy to install and carry.

The travel system includes best double stroller for infant and toddler 2017, infant car seat and infant car seat base.

Product Features

The B Safe Infant Car Seat, features side impact protection which distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion and contains the head and body

The B Agile Stroller, suitable birth to 55 pounds, features a lightweight aluminium frame and a one hand quick fold design

The B Agile Stroller, features a 30 pound weight capacity, a tangle free, five point harness, and energy absorbing foam liner

The B Agile Stroller, has three wheel design which provides improved steering and maneuverability

AR Blue Clean AR383 Review 2017

Pressure washers are great machines for tough cleaning tasks. The average pressure washer not only increases water pressure by 75%, but the water usage drops by 80%. This means that when you use a pressure washer, less water is consumed and lesser time is taken to finish the whole process. Bring a pressure washer today to get rid of the dirt and grime on your property.

Out of the many pressure washer brands available in the market, you should definitely look for the AR Blue Clean AR 383 of the AR’s Blue line product range. This article will provide some details about some great electric pressure washers from the AR Company.
AR Pressure Washers

AR stands for Annoni Reverbari. The company was founded in 1989, and it has emerged as one of the leading providers of quality pressure washers. The blue line is one great example of their excellence. In this product line, electric washers come with a 20 foot hose, along with a hose reel crank to wrap it up easily and quickly.
Long power cords, usually measuring 30 foot, are also common features of the AR Blue line pressure washers. Not to mention the machines contain AR Triplex 3 axial-piston pumps, which are highly durable as compared to the standard wobble pumps. Other significant features include the trigger gun, which helps the user to switch the pressure washer on/off without reaching for the main power button.
The PSI comes in the range of 1500-1900, with a GPM of 1.5. This makes the AR Blue pressure washers ideal for small cleaning tasks in the house. Moreover, since these machines run on electric motors, they are efficient, easy to maintain, and do not make noise. You will also get easy to assemble accessories with these power washers.One significant factor that makes this product line popular among customers is the price. Prices for the pressure washers can even go lower than $200. Plus, you receive one year warranty as well. That is why people who need a cleaning machine for constant use find it beneficial to purchase a pressure washer than to rent it.AR 118 Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer

As the name suggests, the AR 118 is a portable and compact pressure washer. With a PSI of 1500 and 1.5 GPM, it only weighs 18 pounds. This means you can tackle small/medium cleaning jobs by carrying this pressure washer around easily. The main feature of the AR 118 is that it uses water from the garden hose instead of a water pump.
AR Blue Clean AR383

The AR Blue Clean AR 383 lives up to the standards of its brand. It contains a triplex plunger pump, and is rated with 1900 PSI and 1.5 GPM, making it worthy of completing the dirtiest of surfaces. It is suitable for cars, patios, and furniture. Like other models in the series, the AR Blue Clean AR 383 is lightweight (weighing only 27 pounds) and has a long electric cord that can be rolled back easily.

This means that you can plug in the machine and work while roaming around a significant distance without having to change positions to adjust the chord. The trigger gun also helps you to switch the power on/off so you do not have to run back to the unit again and again!
Accessories include:

Adjustable gun wand

Foam dispenser



You can always adjust these for different jobs.

We hope that the point is pretty clear now. If you are looking for pressure washers for small and medium cleaning jobs around the house, the AR blue line products, especially the AR 383, are the best choice.