Monday, February 13, 2017

MK-370K 1-1/4-Horsepower 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw

The MK-370K 1-1/4-Horsepower 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw is a professional-grade product, with powerful performance, and a lightweight portable design. Its motor produces an impressive 1 ¼ horsepower output and a high torque of 5500 rpm, and the machine can cut through marble as well as tile. Its conveyor cart allows the user to make very precise and clean, chip-free cuts. The capabilities of the saw include producing a 13-inch diagonal cut and an 18-inch rip cut, and the depth of its cut is 2 inches.

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Apart from this, its tilting head allows for highly precise 45-degree miter cuts. The kit includes a saw, a blade, an adjustable rip guide, a model no. 160131 stand and a submersible water pump. Its linear bearing assembly and chrome guide-bar allow the user proper alignment and tracking. The

MK-370K wet tile saw carries a warranty period of one year and with its durable steel frame, plated with zinc, it weighs a light 27 pounds. All in all, it is an effective gadget for professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts.

Technical Details

The 120-volt electric motor has a power output of 1-1/4-horsepower and produces a high 5,500 rpm torque

Its High-impact thermoplastic water reservoir does not peel and is rust-resistant

The steel frame is zinc-plated

It comes with a 7-inch wet-cutting diamond blade, rip guide, water pump and folding stand

It features a limited warranty of one year

MK-370K Review

With its light design and powerful motor, the MK-370K 1-1/4-Horsepower 7-Inch Wet Tile Saw is a very compact product. It also has very versatile capabilities, and can produce a precise and clean cut on tiles of different types and sizes. User convenience is a major factor for the manufacturers, as is evident from the product’s folding stand, which allows for enhanced flexibility and stability.

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The MK-370K wet tile saw also has a very safe and durable design, and the MKSafeswitch, which only allows the saw to work when its locking key is in position, is a very handy feature. The same holds true for the hinged blade guard, which protects the user from accidents. Its zinc-plated, single-piece steel frame offers rigidity as well as strength.

The small size of the MK-370K means that it can be used in tight and confined spaces. Even though it cannot match the output of a larger and more powerful saw, it is perfectly suited for smaller jobs, where you don’t need continuous and fast cutting. The somewhat loud sound it produces can be an irritant for some people, so watch out if you ears are too sensitive. Also, a drain would have been a very useful addition to the pan to empty out the water, but that can be easily installed at any good home improvement store.

Essentially, if you are the kind who loves to take on DIY tasks around your house, this portable product is a perfect companion. It is also a handy piece of equipment for professional tile cutters, when they are called on to do small residential jobs.